Woman Kissed Him & Said You’re Far From Alone As Unwanted Pit Fought To Survive

  • December 15, 2021
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A Pit Bull, later named Thor, was found by a local rescue. His callous owner left him in an open garage during a snowstorm, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Although Thor was now safe, his body was severely damaged. Hypothermia had caused his organs to shut down and he was fighting hard to survive.

The vet was honest with the rescuers and told them: “We can’t promise he’ll survive” and that in itself broke their hearts. This dog was fighting so hard to live and now that he was finally rescued and being medically cared for, it didn’t matter. His survival was still uncertain. The vet explained further that Thor’s condition would be touch and go. And it was.

The rescuers visited Thor every single day and told him “he was far from alone.” Thor began to believe them. Especially as one of the rescuers cried and kissed him on the head. Thor needed a feeding tube, IV therapy, and a ton of tender loving care. All of his new human friends prayed for him around the clock.


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