Watch this elephant and dog play together and know that friendship is real

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Imagine that you are an elephant baby and you see a dog for the first time.

You’d be confused, wouldn’t you? Maybe a little scared?

Well, that’s how Yindee, a baby elephant in Elephant Nature Park, reacted when he faced a random dog who really likes to play together.

In reality, Yindee is a little angry and a little frustrated by the dog’s need to play.

But then, as we all have to, Yindee gives in to the fun and starts chasing the dog and throwing some dirt.

And a friendship is born.

Another story about friendship of elephant and dog:

Elephants are among some of the most intelligent animals in the world, their brains are similar to us humans.

Although they aren’t just smart animals, they are very social and have the ability to communicate with each other using an array of sounds among other things to do things like warn of possible dangers and calling on their famil

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