Two-Legged Stray Cat Amazes Rescuers With His Spirit

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Mareen, a good samaritan from Berlin, Germany who loves cats, looks after the stray cats around her neighborhood and will often leave food out for them.

While she’s feeding the stray cats, she noticed a new kitten that had joined the usual cats at the food bowl. Upon checking the new kitten, Mareeen realized the little kitty didn’t have any back legs.

Mareen tried to approach the kitten, hoping to help him, but the poor kitten scurried away before she could reach him. Mareen noticed how natural the kitten moves around despite having only two legs. In fact, he was as fast as all the other cats!

She began to gain the trust of the little kitten after giving him food several times and soon she was able to pet him. He now realized he’s in the safe hands of this kind lady. After gaining the kitten’s trust, she scooped him up, took him home and named him Rocket.

After rescuing the kitten, Mareen introduces Rocket to her two house cats. Surprisingly, Rocket was getting along well with her other cats, Flint and Gürkchen, but he especially loved spending time with Mareen.

Everyone who sees Rocket was amazed with the way Rocket walk around using his only two front legs, he showed incredible strength in his upper body and could walk around naturally like any other cat.

Rocket not only loves to play with his siblings, He also loves to explore and hop around the house. After his playtime, He sits beside the window and enjoys the sunshine.

After two years, Rocket is still energetic and playful like before, he probably doesn’t even realize that he only has two legs as he never let it stop him from doing what he wants.



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