This Cat Loves To Relax In The Sink Goes Viral

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We all know cats love loafing, sleeping, or planning to dominate you the day after in the sink, that doesn’t mean they love water. Cats are notorious for hating water, bathing a cat is one of the struggles that many cat owners can relate with. But on the other hand, some of them do like water, such as the cat below.

While most cats are easily fascinated with water, they dislike getting their fur wet unexpectedl—be it taking a bath or getting soaked in the rain. When they are soaking wet, their fur get stick into the body and maybe it is irritating? Unlike her feline friends, this cat loves bathing and it is actually her most favorite thing in the world.

Say hi to Cute Mimi!

According to her owner – Miss Liao, Cute Mimi was a stray cat and was adopted by Liao when she was only three months. She spotted Mimi when she was buying goods at the farmers’ market.

Miss Liao never had any difficulties in bathing her as the cat really loves it. Mimi the cat is not even fussy when bathing. She just needs a sink and a large bowl to bathe in. Everything is just very wholesome and the cat knows how to enjoy her life with water.

Video of her bathing in the sink quickly went viral after her owner posted it on YouTube. When asked why she bathes her cat in the sink, Miss Liao replied that it is more convenient for her to bathe Cute Mimi compared to the bathroom.

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