These men spend their nights sleeping with orphaned elephants

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The orphaned baby elephants are being raised by their caretakers, who spend all day and night helping them thrive.

They are from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT), and they even sleep near the elephants so they can wake up at night to feed them.

One keeper said: “It feels like the same to me as having my own babies in the same room. It feels a lot like when they (his children) were babies, waking up for hours to feed and change them.”

“The baby elephants cry at night, especially the very young ones,” said another keeper.

“The babies are also very restless, like human babies, and wake up frequently.”

Caregivers make sure babies are covered with blankets when the air gets cold.

“When breeders used to sleep on mattresses on the floor, a few years ago now, elephants would pull blankets off their keepers to wake them up for milk and touch their faces with a wet trunk,” added another.

When a baby wants milk, they often lose their own blanket! “Every three hours, you feel a trunk come up and pull your blankets off!” one person said.

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