The Heroic Stories of Brave Dogs Saving Lives

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Dogs are one of the most fantastic and adorable creatures on the planet, they keep us company, they make us happy, and they are even proven to lessen stress. However, they’re not called man’s best friend because they can bring a smile to our faces but they are there for us through thick and thin. So, today we’ll be taking a look at some of the many dog stories that have been recorded to this day.

1. Loyal Labradors, Bella and Sadie

In 2019, two Labradors named Bella and Sadie would be instrumental to saving the life of one Maureen Hatcher. Upon seeing Maureen struggle with a stroke, the two dogs immediately left the house and attempted to call for help from their neighbor. Soon enough, Maureen’s neighbor would drop by to check what’s going on with her dogs only to find out that she was having a stroke. The neighbor immediately called for 911 and her life was saved through the swift actions of paramedics. When it comes to dealing with a stroke, treating it as fast as possible could be the difference between life and death, and luckily for Maureen, her two dogs knew she needed help.

2. Patsy, the Corryong Wonderdog

Devastating wildfires swept through Australia back in 2019. While many heroic men and women saved countless human and animal lives, there have been stories of dogs doing their part in the rescue efforts as well. On New Year’s Eve, this 6-year-old kelpie-border collie mix from Corryong, Victoria, faced raging fires to herd 900 sheep into a safe enclosure, her owner said he never would have been able to save the sheep without her. Later, her owners would set up an Instagram called Patsy the Corryong Wonderdog, and she’s been getting quite a lot of attention.

3. Medo, a Beloved Stray

Back in 2017, a viral video came up where a woman was saved by a stray dog from being robbed. This event took place in Montenegro and this brave dog was Medo. Medo was a beloved stray dog around his neighborhood. Many of the people in the neighborhood noted how nice, friendly, and non-aggressive Medo was. Which is exactly why Medo getting aggressive at the robber was quite a surprise to everyone. This brave stray lunged towards the robber and scared him off, making him quite the hero and a viral sensation — another dog saving lives from danger. Despite being a stray, unlike the other stray dogs of Sochi, the people of the neighborhood consider him a part of their collective family.

4. Jessie, an Animal Hero

Jessie was adopted by the Thanarayen family five years ago from the Boksburg SPCA, and she has been a wonderful dog to the family. But on April 8 she would become their brave hero as her brother Chucky, a small, 13-year-old Pomeranian, would end up falling into the pool. Unfortunately, both Melissa and Byron Thanarayen were out on an appointment. So, it was left to Chucky’s older sister Jessie to help the small dog out of that pool. It took 30 painstaking minutes for Jessie to help Chucky out of the pool. She even dropped a hose hoping it would be enough to get the dog out of there, but eventually she would get Chucky out of the water. Jessie successfully prevented her sibling from drowning and the family became even happier that they adopted her.

5. Starla, a Brave Survivor

Last year, a Yorkshire terrier named Starla protected his owner’s niece from intruders. Reportedly Starla saved a young girl from armed robbers who broke into a house in South Fulton, Georgia. The armed thieves stormed the house at 3 pm, and upon seeing the robbers, Starla began barking at them and attempted to chase them out. Despite getting attacked and shot at by the robbers Starla continued to distract the robbers helping the young girl escape through the backdoor. Thankfully, both Starla and the girl would survive the home invasion incident.

6. Maggie, Housefire Hero
Just this year, a man would attribute his survival of a house fire to his adorable pup Maggie. According to reports, a man from Florida would find himself waking up in the middle of the night due to his dog, Maggie, barking at him. It was 3 am and  the man would wake up to find that Maggie was trying to warn him as his roof began to catch fire. According to fire fighters, the probable cause of the fire was a lightning striking the roof. The owner has his dog to thank for surviving the night. “Oh, she’s my hero. I love my dog. It’s amazing. I would say she saved my life.” the owner said.

7. Odin, a Miracle Dog

The California wildfires in 2017 were truly a tragedy for so many people. And the Handel family would end up facing these fires. As the fires came closer to his home, Ronald Handel would have to make a tough decision — force Odin to get in his car or leave him behind because Odin refused to leave the family’s goats. Ronald had to get his family to safety and he didn’t have time to save any of the goats. So, he opened the gates in the hopes that the animals could run free from the fire. When Ronald returned home the next day, he would find everything destroyed, except for Odin and all eight of his goats, and even a group of deer. Odin had led the goats and animals to a clearing at the center of a high outcropping of rocks to avoid contact with the flames. It was a miracle made possible by one dog’s bravery and discipline.

8. Mom to the Rescue
Back in 2015, a huge flood swept through the region of east India due to heavy rain. Many people were displaced and many animals, too. There have been many heroes during this event that helped save thousands of lives and this dog story is just as exceptional as any. A video was uploaded to Youtube where you could see a dog swimming through flood water, repeatedly, in order to save her four pups from drowning. Not much is known about this anonymous puppy rescuer, but the video itself is a sight to behold.

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