Thanks to my grandfather to take care of the pet cat, I ʀᴇԍʀᴇт the day

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Due to being too busy with work to take care of his pet cat, a Chinese guy sent the cat to his grandfather to take care of him. But when he was about to come in to pick up the cat, as soon as he entered the house he was shocked to see what he saw.

At first, he worried that the kitten would be unruly, and liked to scratch things in the house. So the time when he asked him to take care of him, he was also afraid that he would be scratched by a cat. But when he saw that scene, he knew his worries were in vain.

As soon as I opened the door, I saw the cat lying on my grandfather’s shoulder, the grandfather was bullied by the cat, he and the cat are too compatible.

Then he told his grandfather to come pick up the cat, the cat seemed to understand the owner’s words, suddenly clinging to the grandfather and not moving.

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