Street Dog Unable to Stand Up After Hit By Car Gives Rescuers Beautiful Surprise

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After she was hit by a car, Dena dragged herself out of the path of traffic even though it caused her extreme pain. Rescuers with Animal Aid Unlimited found her on the road but noticed she could not move. Her cries were heart-breaking, but rescuers were able to get her back to their shelter and check her legs and spine. They could not find any obvious fractures which was a blessing, but she was still too hurt to stand on her feet.

So it was time for 6 weeks of bed rest and physiotherapy. Although it was slow progress, she loved getting the attention with her physiotherapist and other caregivers.

They were beginning to lose hope when Dena surprised them all when she began to stand up on her own on week 8. Then, there was no stopping her and by the end of her treatment she had made friends with everyone at the shelter!


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