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Stray Tomcats Instantly Bonded After Meeting For The First Time

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It’s not often you will see a cat instantly bond with other cats after being introduced with each other. Oftentimes, It takes days, weeks or even months before they learn to accept each other. That’s why the story of these two stray cats is special.

When Paris saw Dan the stray cat, he instantly fell in love with him. Dan must have been one of those street cats who befriends every person he meets. He’s not only adorable but knows how to capture hearts

Dan seemed to be happy, but in fact, he was quite lonely and is in need of friends. For this reason, he always site behind the door and chirped at the street cats.

Here comes Dale the cat, He came to the shelter in the same situation as Dan. He spent most of his life in the streets and covered in fight wounds when he was found. Besides, he had a large burst abscess on his forehead that needed an emergency surgery.

His previous injury on his forehead is one of the the reason his face looks sad. People always say that he looks so sad, In fact, he is the happiest boy ever.

When Dan’s owner introduced him to Dale, he was unsure and worried about the two cats interacting too soon. Surprisingly, Both cats instantly bonded like they already knew each other. They kissed each other and played together. Dan started grooming Dale and the wound on his head. It was just a perfect match.

It’s really amazing how the two of them became inseparable after meeting for the first time.

What an adorable duo! If want more pictures from Dan and Agent Dale Cooper, you can check out their Instagram.