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Stray Cat Hops Into Cop’s Car And Demands Cuddles From The Cop

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It’s true that when a cat follows you, it actually says that you’re the best candidate to be its new companion. This is what happened to a Police officer in Poland who was just working when a cat suddenly hops into his car and demands to be her human.

It was a regular working day in Poland when The Slaska police officers were dispatched to the scene of a minor traffic accident. While one of the officers was writing an incident report inside the patrol car with the door open, A friendly stray cat suddenly hopped into his car and demanded love and attention from him.

It was clear that the cat saw the opportunity and immediately took it. She doesn’t even care about what the cop is doing, She just wanted to get what she wanted. The police officer never expected that a stray cat would suddenly become a cuddled bug when she met a stranger.

“[The cat] tried to prevent a policeman from handling a collision,” Slaska Police wrote. “The animal didn’t have a collar, but is very social and hugging people.”

The police officers learned that the cat was stray, so they decided to take her and keep her safe. The cat’s charms had clearly melt their hearts.

A local rescue organization shared the information about the cat in case there’s a family was looking for the cat. Meanwhile, she enjoys hugging her new companion, enjoying his love and care.