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Sikorsky H-92 Superhawk – seen as a larger alternative to the H-60 Black Hawk

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A variant of this helicopter is used as a VIP transport to carry the US President

The H-92 Superhawk is a military version of the Sikorsky S-92 commercial helicopter. It was developed as a private venture. It is fitted with more powerful engines, improved avionics and has some other modifications. It can be seen as a larger alternative to the UH-60 Black Hawk.

Sikorsky’s S-92:

The Superhawk has been demonstrated to the US Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. However it received no production orders from the US military. Canada became the first customer of this military helicopter. In 2004 this country ordered 28 H-92 Superhawk helicopters for its Maritime Helicopter Programme. These are locally designated as CH-148 Cyclone.

Deliveries were planned to begin in 2009 but were delayed multiple times due to development problems. First helicopters were delivered to Canada in 2015. Eventually the S-92/H-92 has been ordered by a number of other countries, including Bahrain, Ireland, Kuwait, South Korea, Thailand, United Kingdom.

A variant of this helicopter is used as a VIP transport to carry the US President. Interestingly in 2015 Sikorsky was acquired by Lockheed Martin Corporation. Still though the helicopters are marketed by Sikorsky Aircraft.

The H-92 has a new airframe, but uses some components of the H-60 helicopter.

The H-92 Superhawk can be tailored to meet various roles, including tactical transport, search and rescue, surveillance and other roles. For example some of the Canadian CH-148 Cyclone are used for anti-submarine warfare and carry torpedoes. The H-92 can be armed with door-mounted machine guns.

In utility configuration this helicopter can carry 22 troops. The Canadian CH-148 can carry 3 175 kg externally on a hook.

This helicopter is powered by General Electric CT7-8A series engines developing around 3 000 shp each. These are more powerful than engines used on the civilian S-92 helicopter. The H-92 uses a 4-blade main rotor. A number of safety features were incorporated into design of this helicopter.