Sick and Helpless Puppy Found All Alone Under a Bridge

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A puppy has a second chance at a life after she was found sitting under a bridge by an intersection in a rural area of Greece. With no people around, the poor puppy didn’t have anywhere to go, so she just stayed there hoping help would come. Thankfully a passerby spotted her and contacted DAR Animal Rescue who immediately came to fetch her. They don’t know for how long “Tia” was out there, but she was very sick and all alone.

Tia’s tail wagged happily greeting Ermione, her rescuer, and calmly let Ermione wrap her in a blanket and take her to the car.

Tia was covered with demondex mange that had made her face as hard as stone and blistered her body.

Tia also had a bacterial infection and tummy pains because of poor nutrition. All that and she is only 4 months old!

But Ermione was going to make sure Tia never had to worry again about what to eat and where to go.

Tia is now on the mend having been fully vaccinated, neutered and treated for her demondex. She’s now a happy young dog looking for a home. To apply to adopt Tia please reach out to DAR Animal Rescue.


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