Shiba Inu Flashes Goofy Grins & Silly Faces Every Time Dog Mom Snaps A Photo

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Everyone has that one family member or friend who is the life of the party and acts like a clown. For Shiba Inu dog mom Yoko Kikuchi, Hina is the one family member who tends to act silly when she tries to take photos. All of her other dogs sit pretty and are well behaved, but whenever Hina sees the camera, he does goofy faces.

Kikuchi told the Daily Mail she used to “hate dogs” but her husband convinced her to take in Shiba Inus and she fell in love. Hina joined the canine pack a few years ago, and she is best known for her hilarious antics for photos. Hina has also been nicknamed “Destroyer” because she loves to chew on her owner’s headphones, cables, and shoes.

Sometimes Hina will yawn, other times she appears to howl, and then there are moments when she puts on a slick grin for photos. Kikuchi says she is actually a shy dog around people but she lights up around other dogs. She’s got a lot of human followers, however, over on Instagram. Over 100,000 fans look forward to the fun photos Kikuchi posts regularly.

“Looking at all your photos makes me smile. Those are some Really happy dogs,” @kharrington512 said in a comment on Kikuchi’s Instagram account.

Watch the funny video below of three of the four Shibas during a food training session. You’ll certainly get a chuckle!

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