REMUS 300 Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV)

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The REMUS 300 is a new, small-class unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) built for military and commercial applications. Hydroid sold more than 500 REMUS UUVs to 25 countries around the world.

With improved modularity and maximum payload flexibility, the vehicle is one of the most advanced UUVs in the market.

The two-man portable vehicle is manufactured by US-based underwater technology company Hydroid, a subsidiary of shipbuilding firm Huntington Ingalls Industries (HII). HII acquired Hydroid from Norwegian aerospace and defence company Kongsberg for $350m in March 2020.

The REMUS 300 vehicle, which is the latest in the REMUS family of autonomous vehicles, was designed and developed as a commercial product.

The primary applications of the REMUS 300 UUV are мιɴᴇ countermeasures (MCM), search and recovery (SAR), rapid environmental assessment (REA), hydrographic survey, renewables, marine archaeology, offshore oil and gas, anti-submarine warfare (ASW) and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

Hydroid sold more than 500 REMUS UUVs to 25 countries around the world. The commercial availability of the standard REMUS 300 model was announced in April 2021, with deliveries planned in 2022.

Propulsion and performance of REMUS 300
The unmanned vehicle is powered by a direct-drive DC brushless motor coupled to an open three-blade propeller. The control system includes a Cruciform fin for yaw and pitch control.

The REMUS 300 can be configured with 1.5kWh, 3kWh or 4.5kWh lithium-ion batteries with an endurance of up to ten, 20 or 30 hours and recharge time of six, 12 or 18 hours, respectively. The blind-mated end caps fulfil the requirements of IP-X4 standards, allowing for rapid battery exchanges on the field during missions.

The vehicle is capable of diving to depths of up to 305m and achieving speeds up to 5k. The standard variant has a maximum range of 110km, while the long-endurance version has a maximum range of 165km.



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