‘Rather let it hang on’ Law and Order’s Stabler and Benson romance unlikely after clue

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Law and Order fans could be in for some disappointment after star Ice-T hinted that a romance between Stabler and Benson may not happen.

Benson and Stabler made their first appearance in the pilot episode as partners who worked together to tackle crime in the special victims unit.

The two worked together for 13 years until Stabler left the division and retired after fatally shooting a teenage girl.

Up until his exit in season 12, viewers had been calling for the detectives to take their friendship further and spark a romance, however, Stabler was married while Benson was in and out of relationships.

The two finally reunited in 2021 when Stabler returned to screens with his own spin-off, Law and Order: Organized Crime.

As Stabler often has made guest appearances on SVU, fans have reignited their hopes of seeing the two finally become a couple.

This was furthered after his comeback revealed his wife Kathy Stabler (Isabel Gillies) had died after a fatal car bombing.

However, fans could have their hopes dampened after Fin Tutola star Ice-T shared the relationship may not happen.

The rapper-turned-actor said he would like to see the couple get together, adding: “I don’t see why not, I just thought it was kind of odd because Chris was married.

“But then Chris’ wife died, I don’t know maybe they’d rather let that hang on.”

Ice-T added: “It’s very interesting how they twist the plot and they make people stay intrigued in what’s going on next.

“So nothing but love to the writers of this and how they make it happen,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

During season 10, viewers got a glimpse of what it would be like if Benson and Stabler were in a relationship.



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