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Pitbull Falls In Love With Tiny Kitten And Convinces Owner To Adopt Him

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There’s nothing more sweeter than the story of this Caring Pitbull who falls in love with a cute little kitten.

Meet Sterling, a pit bull who had already had a difficult life in the past. He was only 4-weeks old when he was rescued from being abused by his previous owners, Sterling was malnourished, timid, and very wary of adults. Fortunately, his new mom Bethany Leigh gave him a secured, loving home. Bettany Leigh knew from the very start that this abused puppy needed as much love and attention to regain his trust to humans. With Leigh’s love and help, Sterling transformed into the sweetest, most confident dog.

“He was so small. I was bottle-feeding him regularly,” Bethany Leigh, Sterling’s mom, told The Dodo. “He had giant scars across his chest and legs. With lots of work and love and training, he has become so sweet and loving.”

Bethany has always had a passion for animals and their well being, so whenever there’s an animal who needs of help, she’s always there to foster them in her home until she can find a forever home for them. Sterling seemed to understand his mother’s work, and instead of being an aggressive Pitbull, he does the opposite. Sterling not only takes care of every animals who are living in their home. He also plays an important role in Leigh’s work, and he has become the best foster brother of the little brothers and sisters. He is especially obsessed with fostering kittens, and he bonds with each one in the sweetest way.

One day, Leigh found a little kitten in McDonald’s parking lot so she scooped him up and brought him home.

When Sterling was introduced to the little kitten for the first time, he instantly fell in love with tiny new foster friend, later named Lux.

At first, Lux was aloof and terrified of his new dog foster brother, but with a lot of patience and love, Sterling captures the heart of Lux and help him become a sweet, confident kitten. Before long, the pair were inseparable, and they spent most of their time together. The big brother Sterling loved protecting and nurturing his little feline brother.

“When we’re in the backyard and I let Lux explore, if he goes too far or starts to climb the tree I tell Sterling to go get his kitty, and he runs to find him,” Leigh said. “They snuggle and nap together, they both love balls and toys, they love our backyard and play together back there.”

Lux also won the heart of Bethany’s two year old daughter, Sterling’s other best friend. They loved playing and doing every possible thing together all day long. However, it was time for Lux to find a forever home, and it was hard to imagine what would happen when Lux had to leave.

Leigh witnessed the precious bonding between Sterling and Lux and saw how much the two animals treasure each other. Sterling didn’t want the kitten to leave so he persuaded her to adopt the foster kitten.

So, after careful thinking, Leigh decided to add Lux to her family of “foster fails” and he is now a fully fledged member of the family.

Pitbull Falls In Love With Tiny Kitten And Convinces Owner To Adopt Him