Pianist playing classical symphonies for old injured and disabled elephants

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This pianist has given the elderly, injured, and disabled elephants a moment they will never forget, taking his instrument out into the wild and providing them with performances by classical symphonies.

Kind-hearted Brit Paul Barton, 57, has been hosting his unique shows since 2011, and he believes playing the likes of Bach and Beethoven to animals will help rehabilitate those who have stressful lives.

In his selection of videos, elephants can be seen at Elephant World, a sanctuary near Kanchanaburi, Thailand, mesmerised by Paul’s performance, standing next to the piano as the pianist vases play quietly.

Paul came across Elephant World while making a video about the River Kwai bridge and liked the sound of what is considered a resting place for majestic creatures; Paul visited the reserve, asked the curator if he could bring his own piano along, too?

The first elephant Paul played with was Plara, a blind elephant who skipped breakfast with Bana grass and stood motionless, mesmerised by the sound when he first heard music.

Paul, originally from East Yorkshire, said: ‘Almost all elephants respond to music in a visible way.


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