Photo of a Russian single-engine fighter based on the Su-57 worries the United States

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Soon after many Russian and foreign media reported that Sukhoi was developing a fifth-generation light single-engine fighter based on the heavy Su-57, an image of the prototype of the aircraft was also posted online. The photograph immediately caught the attention of the US military and made them worry.

Nikolay Krasnov

As the portal explains, the concern is dictated by the fact that the prototype of the light fighter is largely reminiscent of the conceptual images of the Russian MiG-41 fighter.

“A number of Russian media outlets have written that the new fifth generation fighter is capable of embodying the capabilities of the MiG and Sukhoi. If the designers from the Russian Federation actually manage to create a single-engine fighter-interceptor, the aircraft risks becoming not only a very serious threat, but it will also be cheap and affordable, thanks to which it is possible to launch the production of several hundred such combat aircraft, ” military experts from the United States.

A Su-57 undergoes ground testing. (Photo courtesy of Sukhoi Design Bureau)

By the way, the new light-engine fighter will actually be export-oriented, as we have previously reported.


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