Mother Elephant Is Indescribably Happy To Reunited With Her Baby After 3 Years Apart!

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They should not be separated! Animals are loving to their family! They have great memories!

It should be obvious to everyone that elephants like all other animals have got feelings and long memories. Elephants are family orientated and should not be seperated. They belong to the wild.

Thank you for saving these beautiful mother and daughter.

There is nothing more he.artbre.aking than having been separated from his mother since she was a youngster, but happily, this elephant has been reunited with her mother after being sepa.rated by the tourism industry for almost three years

A 3-year-old Asian female elephant named Elephant MeBai Nature Park witnessed an emotional reunion with her mother after being separated for nearly 3 years. Hundreds of Asian elephants suffered a similar fate, being [fo.rced] to [car.ry] tourists through the streets of Thailand on their backs.

The girl had to put on weight over those three years to accommodate tourists, which negatively impacted her health and she had to stop working due to bad health.

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