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Mischievous lion cub wrestles with his dad in heartwarming video

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Lion cubs usually spend their time in the presence of their moms. The lionesses avoid to keep the newborn cubs around the males as they might hurt them. So that’s why we rarely see a lion cub enjoying its dad’s presence. Yet, this brave little one not only shows no signs of fear, but he even challenges his massive dad in a wrestling contest. The moment was caught on camera and the result will melt your heart!

Wildlife photographer Jason Kandume was on an expedition in Namibia’s Etosha National Park, hoping for some once-in-a-lifetime shots, when witnessed a truly unexpected scene. He was nearby a waterhole photographing rhinos when he heard lions roaring, so he decided to wait for them.

“I was at the waterhole to photograph some rhinos the night before when I heard some lions roaring, so I knew they wouldn’t be too far from the area,” Kandume said. “So I prefer to get up early to get some shots which will showcase their behaviour. Timing is everything with lions because they can sleep for up to 20 hours per day.”

Just as Kandume guessed, the family of lions approached the waterhole to put an end to their thirsty. So he had the fine opportunity to get some lovely snaps of them. But the patient photographer even got more than that as he caught on camera a sparring match between a tiny cub and his massive dad.

The mischievous cub was playing next to his mom, when all of a sudden he rushed towards his dad who was relaxing a few feet away. The jovial cub’s intentions looked far from peaceful as he jumped over his dad’s back and started to fight him.

“The male lion went to drink first and when it finished, the cub started running towards his dad,” the photographer said. “It was climbing over him and jumping on his back. One of the females was constantly following the cub.”

Fortunately for the little cub he escaped unharmed, even though his dad didn’t go too easy on him. His dad seemed in a very good mood that morning.