Mariska Hargitay Hilariously Explains What It’s Like to Hug Her ‘Law & Order’ Costar Chris Meloni

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When it comes to sharing time on the TV screen, you know that Mariska Hargitay and Chris Meloni have done so on Law & Order. Over the years, viewers have seen these two stars stay busy as Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler. In fact, some fans have been drooling for a Benson-Stabler romance to heat up. That gets some teasing but it has not come to pass. Still, the stars seem to be on friendly terms with one another.

One thing that will happen is both of them share a hug. Sure, it’s one thing to hug on screen but another in real life. Hargitay was chatting it up with Access Hollywood in an interview and talked about hugging Meloni. She has an interesting take on it. “When I see him, all the time, sometimes it hurts to actually hug him because his chest is so hard. I’m like, ‘Okay, sweetie…’,” Hargitay said.

‘Law & Order’ Stars Almost Gave Fans Their Long-Awaited Smooch Moment
It is apparent from the many different interviews both stars have done that Meloni likes to keep himself in shape. Most recently, fans got a chance to see him in the buff for a Peloton commercial. All of that working out is definitely paying off for the star of Law & Order: Organized Crime. He’s busy taking care of the bad guys over there while Hargitay remains in Law & Order: SVU with her costar Ice T.

Fans got a little up-close-and-personal moment during the Emmy Awards this year. Would you believe that these two stars teased a kiss? The one thing that fans from the Law & Order universe have been dying to see forever. As we said, it was a tease and it did not happen. But the image of them possibly even smooching is enough to set the fans’ night on fire. Maybe they have to be locked up in a room for a long time for this to finally happen. We think that the Internet probably would explode with joy and happiness.

For too long, these fans have been waiting patiently for the big smooch. Now, they have to wait even more and longer. How much longer, some may be asking. If it was up to us, then we’d kick Dick Wolf to the curb and tell him to get it done right now. Maybe the fact that this hasn’t happened at all should make us just happy to see them together. Hargitay will have to watch out for those hugs from Meloni, though. They might end up being problematic simply because of Meloni’s status as a sex symbol for the show. The Law & Order world will be watching to see if the big kiss finally does happen.

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