Law & Order: Why did Anthony Anderson leave the show? All the details

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Find out why the actor left here…

Law & Order has been a staple on TV screens for many years now and has seen plenty of big names come and go from the cast over the past 22 seasons

Fans were even more overjoyed when season 21 premiered earlier this year and saw the return of Anthony Anderson as his character Detective Kevin Bernard. But the actor has not come back for series 22. Find out the details behind his departure here…

Why did Anthony Anderson leave Law & Order?

Anthony Anderson, who is also known for his roles in other TV shows and films such as Black-ish and Me Myself and Irene, departed the show after season 21 ended in 2022 because the actor had only signed a one-year contract.

The actor, 52, agreed on a one-year deal with NBC when he reprised his character last year, but the end of the agreement means Bernard won’t be back in future episodes.

Despite his short-stint being planned all along, Anthony did speak out about his exit. “I wanted to go off and create more shows like Black-ish, create things that I have ownership in, and do something a little bit different,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

“We’re going out and pitching another drama called Miraculous, which I’m excited about, so looking forward to what that’s going to do.”

How will Anthony Anderson be written out of Law & Order?

Given his contract with NBC has ended, it’s unlikely Anthony will return to the beloved crime series anytime soon. However, it’s certainly a possibility for the writers to consider given his reprisal after over a decade.

What will Anthony Anderson’s departure mean for Law & Order?

The show will write out his character now that Anthony is not returning. Law & Order‘s showrunner, Rick Eid, told TV Line the exit would be handle in a typical way. “It’s a little mention. It’s in the time-honored tradition of Law & Order where it’s very brief and it’s like, ‘Moving on. Here we go. We’ve got to solve the case.'”

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