Law & Order Reveals First Look Preview of Season 22’s Battle Lines Episode

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Last week NBC hit the ground running with a mega-crossover that brought all three Law & Order shows together, resulting in a thrilling three-hour movie that included Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Law & Order: Organized Crime. All three shows and their respective casts had parts to play in the crossover, but now each series will start to move down its own paths in its second episode of the season, and NBC has given fans a first look at the new episode of Law & Order in new preview images. Law & Order’s second episode of season 22 is titled Battle Lines, and you can check out all of the new preview images starting on the next slide.

The episode will revolve around an investigation into the death of a politician’s daughter, but soon detectives will discover there is far more to this death than initially thought, and it doesn’t seem accidental in the least. When things move to the courtroom things get even more chaotic, and you can find the official description for the episode below.

Episode Description: A politician’s daughter is found dead after an apparent mugging; once Cosgrove and Shaw start to unravel the details behind her trip, they realize this isn’t a random act of violence; Price makes a risky move; Maroun works to salvage their case.

Troubling Press Conference

New Partners

All Kinds Of Questions

Before The Storm

Drea Meets Detective Cosgrove

Something Isn’t Right

A Sudden Confrontation

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