Law and Order: Organized Crime star Rick Gonzalez details ‘new energy’ in season three

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Law and Order: Organized Crime fans saw Rick Gonzalez and Brent Antonello join the team at the beginning of season three, and now the pair have revealed how their introduction will bring big changes to the show.

Rick and Brent star as Detective Bobby Reyes and Detective Jamie Whelan respectively alongside Christopher Meloni’s Elliot Stabler, and Rick shared that Bobby and Jamie are bringing “a new energy to the unit”.

Bobby’s experience as an undercover detective means “he can be nobody and everybody at the same time, and that’s going to be useful for the unit,” added Rick, while Brent shared that fans will see Elliot will become a mentor to Jamie as he “sees a lot of himself in Detective Jamie Whelan”.

Speaking to Today Show, Brent added that “this mentorship is going on because [Elliot] basically wants to let things settle down a little bit,” and that Whelan has a “little hotheadedness”.

The hit Dick Wolf series returned last week with an incredible crossover event between the original series, Special Victims Unit and Organized Crime.

However, although fans were compelled by the gripping episode, some were left feeling worried about SVU’s Detective Amanda Rollins’ departure storyline.

In the third part of the crossover event, viewers watched as [spoiler alert!] Rollins was shot in the torso while monitoring a sex trafficking victim, who was laying low in a safe house.

Luckily, Rollins survived and appeared to be on the mend in hospital following a surgical operation.

Now the question remains as to how Rollins will be written out of the show. Will she suffer serious complications from her injury or will she decide to step back from the force following her near-death experience?

Actress Kelli Giddish, who has portrayed Amanda in the long-running police procedural since 2011, announced her exit from the show last month.

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