Law and Order forced to halt filming due to emergency

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The cast and crew of Law and Order were forced to halt filming due to an emergency that took place while they were on set.

The production company behind the long-running crime show, Wolf Entertainment, tweeted during Thursday night’s episode of the NBC show that during the taping of the episode in question, a fire broke out while they were working nearby.

“While shooting this episode of #LawAndOrder, an apartment fire broke out nearby, and our crew was able to assist the FDNY in clearing the street and allowing them to do their work!” they wrote on the social media site.

Although the finer details of what took place were not provided, the company took the opportunity to thank the first responders who arrived at the scene: “Thank you to our first responders for keeping everyone safe.”

A number of fans responded to the post, one person shared a colour gif that read: “Well done,” while another simply responded with a string of high-five emojis.

Fans have been giving their verdict on the show which aired on NBC this week. One person was quick to share their thoughts on all three of the franchise’s spin-offs including Special Victims Unit and Organized Crime“I love SVU and OC, OG is growing on me.

“That being said, I am truly done with the idea of another possible love interest for Elliot and might stop watching if you don’t bring E & O together after all these years. It’s really too much.”

Another fan said after the show aired: “I want to see occasional recurring episodes with the Lena Hess character (as happened with ‘William Lewis’). Plotting, crazy, and she’s getting away with it as of now. Let’s see mind games, hunt and showdown w Benson. Could be fun!”

A third commented: “#OrganizedCrime was the best but don’t want to see Pearl and that awful casino story come back.”

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