K2 Black Panther

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Currently the K2 is one of the most advanced main ʙᴀттʟᴇ tank in the world, outclassing anything North Korea or China have. Furthermore it is the most expensive main ʙᴀттʟᴇ tank to date, overtaking the Japanese Type 90 MBT.

The K2 Black Panther main ʙᴀттʟᴇ tank evolved from the XK2 programme. This next-generation MBT was developed in South Korea using indigenous technology only. Its development began in 1995.

First prototype was revealed in 2007. Since then this tank was trialed and evaluated. Production contract for the first 100 K2 tanks was signed in 2014. In 2016 a first batch of 100 tanks was reportedly delivered and additional tanks were being built. South Korean army has a requirement for around 300 of these new tanks. The K2 Black Panther will supplement in service the upgraded K1 and K1A1 main ʙᴀттʟᴇ tanks.

This tank uses both modular composite armor of undisclosed type and Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA) blocks. It is claimed that front armor withstands direct hits from 120 mm tank ʀouɴᴅs, fired from L55 ԍuɴs. The Black Panther tank is also completed with an active protection system and countermeasures system. The tank is also completed with an NBC protection system.

Protection of the K2 is broadly similar to the M1A2 Abrams MBT considering that the K2 is significantly lighter. It is claimed that the K2 is superior to the M1A2 Abrams.

The Black Panther is armed with a Rheinmetall 120 mm/L55 sмooтнʙoʀᴇ ԍuɴ. This ԍuɴ is license-produced in South Korea. The K2 is completed with an automatic loader. This MBT has a maximum rate of fire in 15 ʀouɴᴅs per minute. It is worth mentioning that autoloader’s is similar to that, used on the French Leclerc main ʙᴀттʟᴇ tank. A total of 16 ʀouɴᴅs are stored in the autoloader. Remaining 24 ʀouɴᴅs are stored inside the hull.

It also has a very advanced fire control system, allowing to track and engage not only the main ʙᴀттʟᴇ tanks, but low-flying helicopters as well. Maximum effective range of fire is up to 10 kilometers. Furthermore its fire control system can spot, track and fire automatically at visible vehicle-size targets without needing any input from a human operator.




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