Homeless Pup Wears Tuxedo For Adoption Day But His New Owner Fails To Show Up

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Imagine being a little puppy who is homeless and has no one to give you love, attention, and snuggles. That’s exactly what happened to a sweet pooch named Vincente who was rescued by a group in Columbia and put up for adoption. Someone showed an interest in the cute pup and they decided to adopt him. In honor of the big day, little Vincente wore a cute tuxedo bandana and waited for his new owners.

The rescue group, Fundacion Rescatame, shared a post to Facebook and wrote, “Vicente’s alleged adopter never came for him. Already when he was ready for a home, bath, he canceled” his adoption.”

Poor Vincente was left smelling clean, looking dapper, but had no idea he was unwanted once again. “If you want to adopt, keep in mind that it’s a commitment forever, animals are not things you can dispose of when you want to have a dog,” the rescued wrote. Thanks to the post getting comments and shares, it wasn’t long before Vincente found a forever home.

A family in Columbia read his heartbreaking story and decided to apply to adopt him. Their adoption application was approved, and the tiny pup got a brand new start to his life. The day Vincente met his forever family, the rescue group shared a video to Facebook, which you can see above. Congratulations to everyone who helped the puppy with a broken heart find his happily ever after.


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