Elephant scratches on the old termite mound before the calf copies her mom

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This is the moment an elephant bends down to scratch her butt on an old termite mound – before her adorable baby calf imitates her.

After witnessing her mother do the same in Amboseli National Park, Kenya, a one-year-old African elephant rolled on her side to rub on a mound.

The 30-year-old older mother had to coax her toddler out of the mound so she could finish scratching before the pair rejoined the rest of the herd.

Wildlife teacher and photographer Jeff Sink was on a safari when he spotted the mother-child pair.

Mr. Sink of Chino Hills, California, US, said: ‘The elephant in question is a female about 30 years old, and she has a tiny baby next to her, the elephant I believe is about one year old.

‘The baby first laid on top of the mound, and then the mother had to coax it off the mound so she could give herself a great scratching.


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