Dog Leads Rescuers To Another Dog Buried Alive In Earthquake

  • September 15, 2021
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We have all hear about the horrible earthquakes that hit Italy this year. They started in August, destroying houses and killing about 300 people. Since than they have gone throw some other earthquakes as strong or even stronger than the first one.

The one that hit Italy in October even caused a cracked line in the mountain, horizontally. This is the story of how a dog helped save the life of another dog buried alive from the earthquake. While the crew of firefighters were looking for survivors in a village near the epicenter of the earthquake, one of the sniffer dogs guided them to another dog that was almost completely buried.

The poor thing was trapped underneath by the rubble of a home. You could only see his paws and his muzzle. As soon as they saw the trapped dog, the firefighters began their rescue mission. You can see more thoroughly the rescue in the video below.

Although the buried dog spent hours trapped underneath the rubble, he had no signs of severe injuries. He even stand on his own, just moments after the crew freed him. He was given the name ‘miracle dog’ by the social media.

After the vets from the Italy’s national protection animal agency gave the dog a more detailed examination, confirmed that the dog is in good health. The dog was not equipped with a microchip but they have high hopes that he will be reunited with his family quite soon. The fire and rescue department were able to save six people out of the rubble. And lucky, there have been no death reports so far.

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