Determined Dog with Severe Injuries Fights for Life Against All Odds

Animal Aid Unlimited has seen its fair share of difficult dog problems, but when a street dog was recently brought in for urgent care, it was quite a surprise.

The dog needed more than TLC, he had to be put on emergency life-support because of internal bleeding and shock.

Since he was going through so many difficult problems, they had their doubts as to whether he would make it.

In a video shared on their YouTube, they said: “When the government hospital vet called us to rescue a dog someone had dropped there after finding him unconscious on the road, we hurried to help.”


They went on to say that, if they had not arrived quickly, he wouldn’t have lived much longer. The dog was transported to their facility by ambulance and fortunately, was able to survive the trip.

When they arrived at the Animal Aid Hospital, he was provided with emergency IV fluids for dehydration and shock. He was also having a difficult time breathing so they provided oxygen.


The rescue group said: “With so much blood loss, we weren’t sure he would ever wake up. But within a few hours, his eyes brightened, and he seemed to partially absorb the idea that he was in a new place. He was returning to consciousness and beginning a second chance at life.”

That beautiful dog, who they have named Kenny, is proof that dogs have a love of life.


He was in such bad shape that they can only describe him as being at “death’s door,” but now he is running around, playing with other dogs, and enjoying life as any dog should.

The recovery wasn’t quick, and it took two months of daily therapy before he could walk, eat, and live a normal life. In the end, however, they admit that it was a long journey, but beautiful.


Check out the video below:

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