Adorable moment a tourist spotted five elephants drinking water from her hot tub

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A hot tub overlooking an African game reserve proved an irresistible indulgence – even for a herd of elephants.

In one adorable video, a vacationer has the shock of her life as she wanders on her motel balcony, only to discover five big beasts got there first.

The tourist captured on film the incredible moment she saw the thirsty creatures sipping and splashing water from her bathtub.

Facing the sight of herds through her window, the video begins as the traveler carefully opens her porch door and approaches the creatures.

The animals didn’t seem to mind her appearance and could even see a baby elephant dipping its trunk in the water.

Seemingly undaunted by their large tusks, the filmmaker stepped closer and captured the wild animals quenching their thirst.

The video was uploaded to Reddit by user SlimJones123 via Imgur a day ago and has received over 2,000 comments from fascinated viewers.

One user claimed to recognize the pool from a previous stay and speculated on its identity, which has yet to be identified.

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